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  1. Digital Options:
     CX300-DP25P1 P25 Conventional (Phase 1)

     CX300-DP25P2 P25 Phase II

    Auto-Test Options:
     CX300-TPHP25 Harris P25 Series

     CX300-TPHXL Harris XL Series

     CX300-TPKV Kenwood Viking Series

     CX300-TPKV Kenwood Viking Series

     CX300-TPMA Motorola APX Series

     CX300-TPMA25 Motorola ASTRO 25 XTS/XTL Series

     CX300-TPTPM Tait P25 Series (Test Only)

  2. Notes:

VIAVI CX300 ComXpert Special

From now till December 31st, purchase a new CX300 ComXpert and receive 2 free software options (1 Digital and 1 Auto-Test) from below selections:

Digital Options
  • CX300-DP25P1 P25 Conventional (Phase 1)
  • CX300-DP25P2 P25 Phase II

Auto-Test Options
  • CX300-TPHP25 Harris P25 Series
  • TPHXL Harris XL Series
  • CX300-TPKV Kenwood Viking Series
  • CX300-TPMA Motorola APX Series
  • CX300-TPMA25 Motorola ASTRO 25 XTS/XTL Series
  • CX300-TPTPM Tait P25 Series (Test Only)

The CX300 ComXpert is a comprehensive communications service monitor solution providing today's radio technicians with an easy-to-use instrument for most ruggedized needs. The small and ruggedized CX300 delivers lab grade specifications in a field portable package. It offers a large color touchscreen with an innovative user interface. Multiple tabs allow you to instantly switch between test setups without having to reload settings. The user interface also provides intelligent color-coded meters. These meters resemble swept analog meters while also providing a digital readout. Individual and overall pass or fail flags further simplify your go / no-go testing.

Key Features
  • Frequency ranges from 100 kHz to 6 GHz
  • Multiple tab user interface, similar to an internet browser
  • Intelligent color-coded meters for at-a-glance test verification
  • VIAVI Auto-Test applications for all major LMR and PMR radios
  • VIAVI StrataSync integration offers asset, configuration, and test data management
  • Remotely control the test set using Windows, Android, and iOS with Smart Access Anywhere